Application Modernisation

Application Modernisation 

HCS Software are experts in helping businesses bring outdated or legacy applications back to life with modern style and functionality.

Business processes transform over time and software that was once efficient can often hamper a business’ productivity when it becomes outdated. When this occurs an upgraded bespoke Software Solution can advance processes within your business.


Why Modernise ?

The current pandemic has taught us a lot, we weren’t ready for it and the ability to work remote. Businesses around the world are now seeing a shift to remote working but many businesses aren’t able due to legacy applications that are hosted on-premise or are not fit for purpose due to bugs, issues and errors that hamper their applications.

Software systems are essential to businesses, and they need to support the business. At the time of developing your software system it was likely the cream of the crop in its day, but as time passes technology is moving rapidly. Your once shiny system is now fading, its become slow, a security risk, mediocre to your competition and in need of an upgrade to give it a new look, new modern features and client experience.


Modernisation Sevices

Moving from On-Premise to the Cloud



Re-write or update of legacy application to current technology



Giving your application a facelift



Our software team are specialists in taking existing applications and helping to modernise through a variety of different ways.


Our software team have been trusted by many clients with modernisation of their existing applications. Our team works closely to consult and help you and your business take your existing applications to the next level.

Looking to develop new custom software or re-write something old?

Advantages of Modernisation

User interface gets modern appearance and touch

User experience is improved helping your business


Existing applications profit from mobile scalability

Legacy Applications get a speed boost

Irritating bugs and issues can be fixed in the system

Making your application more available and remote by moving to the cloud

Ability to update and add new features

Update application security to latest standards

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