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Clonmel Healthcare

Bespoke software application with third party integration that improves processing across all areas of the business


Clonmel Healthcare Ltd have operated as a leading pharmaceutical supplier for the last 50 years, supplying pharmacies and hospitals across Ireland. The acquisition of Clonmel by STADA AG (Frankfurt, Germany) in 2000 has further enabled growth and success for the business since then. The Clonmel portfolio of products today boasts over 400 lines across Ethical, OTC and Speciality ranges.

As a champion of the industry, Clonmel Healthcare offers exceptional service, consistently placing people and their health at the core of what they do. High quality, reliable systems and processes are must haves for businesses nowadays, particularly within the pharmaceutical sector now more than ever before, and Clonmel Healthcare are no exception to this.


Clonmel Healthcare was in need of a customised, secure, state of the art ordering system for customers so that their business could compete at the highest level with other market leaders. In doing so, recognising too, that by streamlining the ordering process a positive impact would be had on the overall operational function for the business.


Our response was to build an integrated PIMS ordering system for Clonmel Healthcare that would allow pharmacies and in some cases hospitals, to place orders directly from the Dispensary via PIMS XML format.

We incorporated our unique SOAP messaging service that allows for smooth communication between the customer and Clonmel. An API was created to consume orders within the system and through microservices, sending into Clonmel Healthcare’s SAP system to place the actual orders whilst also having the ability to poll for order status updates.

Updates can be provided back to the pharmacy in real time, so the customer knows what products they are going to receive. Coupled with this we developed an order management system that allows Clonmel Healthcare to manage products and prices, pharmacies, thresholds and view all orders as well as all xml messages generated between all parts of the system.

Kieran Mulhall, Operations Director for Clonmel Healthcare is extremely pleased with the recent technological development for the business and has said “This is an impressive piece of software that will be invaluable to Clonmel Healthcare for future proofing our ordering efficiency and attracting new customers”.

“Looking after peoples health as a trusted partner is our purpose at Clonmel Healthcare. Thanks to HCS Software Solutions and their smart software development process, we are now more integrated with our pharmacy customers, delivering a better service to consumers of medicines in Ireland.”

Kieran Mulhall

Director of Operations, Clonmel Healthcare

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