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Bespoke software application with a broad range of functionality that improves processing across all areas of the business. 


IndePharm operate as a buying group for the Haven Pharmacy chain. They started out in 2008, adopting co-operative structures and principles in order to support independent pharmacists in communities throughout Ireland. As a leader in the industry, IndePharm offers expert care, always putting people and their health at the centre of what they do. Working in the pharmacy sector, high quality IT systems are more important than ever, and IndePharm are no exception.


Up until 2016 Indepharm were running their whole system from a rudimentary database that only one member of staff knew how to use. One day, when that member of staff wasn’t on site to help, the whole system crashed. Luckily for Indepharm, their base in Dublin just happens to be next door to HCS. They popped in and asked if we could help out, and we’ve been working with them ever since.

Having recently merged with Total Health, the biggest pharmacy buying group in the country, Indepharm’s IT needs are constantly growing and evolving. They need access to secure, cutting-edge systems that keep their business moving alongside their industry. With purchasing efficiency as a key focus for IndePharm, they were keen to create their own unique system to maximise its purchasing processes and to streamline orders for their members.


We started out building a tendering system for Indepharm, one that imports price files into the system to see which supplier has the best prices, and allows them to drive down competitors prices. This has grown exponentially into an absolutely massive system with a huge range of functionality, and is now a fully-fledged product and ordering management system. Indepharm can upload price files, create tenders and order templates for pharmacy bulk orders, report on stock levels, and manage all data and accounts for suppliers and pharmacies.

This bespoke software application is integrated across all of the pharmacies in the group dispensary systems. From here IndePharm can take control of dispensary orders, using business logic to find the best prices from a supplier. They can split orders and send them out to multiple suppliers, before combining them back into one singular order for the dispensary. Indepharm has the ability to set up online ordering, manage products, stocks and suppliers details, and tendering. The pharmacies themselves are able to order across a wide variety of different ordering types. This is a huge piece of software, one that has proven hugely profitable for IndePharm.

“HCS Software have helped us evolve and grow as a business. The unique system they created has delivered huge cost savings and allows us to manage our daily workload much more efficiently. It has also really improved the accuracy of our reporting and stock management which is key to our business operations.”

Maria Kenyon


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