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Bespoke application modernisation and support.


Techrete Ltd, founded in 1985, is a leader in the UK and Ireland for the bespoke service in design, manufacture and installation of architectural precast cladding. Family run and owned for over 38 years, Techrete have cemented there place as manufacturing and technical experts in the precast panel industry.

Techrete have world class design and manufacturing facilities in Dublin and Brigg UK that support the latest in innovations in modern technology so ensure they are the best in their field within Europe. To support these innovations high quality IT systems and software are relied upon through Techrete to aid in design and manufacture.


HCS Software were approached by Techrete back in 2015 to aid in the modernisation of a legacy concrete panel management system. Techrete had an older Windows forms application written in which had started to become slow and cumbersome to complete simple tasks. Coupled with this their existing software developer had decided to no longer work on the existing system meaning their ability to change or fix bugs left them exposed.

Techrete were in need of a new modern, fresh, secure and state of the art system that would be capable of manging their pre-cast concrete panel factory process and be extendable to cater for business change and need


HCS Software undertook a scoping exercise to review the current system in place and tease out requirements for what Techrete found was good and bad about the system, what was cumbersome and could be done better and what features were desperately needed. We were able to, working closely with Techrete stakeholders, produce a brand new Azure cloud hosted panel management system written in modern secure technology called TIPPS. Techrete were able to create panels within the system and follow the panels through the whole factory cycle and even onto to site. Techrete are able to create panels, plan casting, conduct quality, NCR, delivery of panels through to erection with full reporting and transability.

Over the years the TIPPS system has grown to accommodate more functionality, allowing for phone applications to link in with TIPPS, to integrations with 2D/3D modelling software AutoCad and Tekla that allow for two way updates between applications and TIPPS.
As Techrete advances with technology, the TIPPS application is always kept at the forefront with Techrete design and manufacturing processes and software. TIPPS is a tremendous piece of software that aids Techrete in the running of their business in both Brigg and Balbriggan across UK and Ireland

“HCS Software assisted us with rebuilding our entire production planning system and were always agile, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile. Due to this, and their extensive knowledge, there was never a requirement they could not implement to our satisfaction.”

Eric Winston


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