Cloud Hosting

The Cloud

The cloud platform is an ever-expanding assortment of integrated services. These services include compute, storage, data, networking, and app. They give you the ability to move faster, do more, and most importantly – save money. The cloud allows you to develop, publish, and manage applications as you require for unparalleled productivity.

HCS Software are a Microsoft Gold Partner. We are experts in delivering Cloud Services such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Gold Microsoft Partner

Looking to develop new custom software or re-write something old?

Why Cloud ?

The cost of and time of supporting on premise applications is becoming redundant when likened to the power, cost and time saving that the Cloud can bring. Cloud services such as Azure, AWS give you the ability to scale your business and application needs at the click of a button compared to the expense of hardware and inhouse resource

The Power of virtual


Cloud services give you the capacity to build Windows/Linux Virtual Machines and applications in minutes. These same Virtual Machines can be used to host your on-premise applications.

Develop modern applications


Cloud services give you the ability to develop and publish vast numbers of modern applications for your business needs for Windows or MacOS as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android. By putting your applications in the Cloud you are unlocking the potential of accessing applications online. The power of Cloud services then allows you to automatically scale up and down resource to meet any need.

Managed Cloud Service


Our software team are experts in Cloud Technology and will be able to manage your bespoke software applications from set up, billing through to managing the cloud service. We can deploy bespoke software to cloud services through development, test and live pipelines. We are also able to move your existing on-premise applications into the cloud. Following this we can monitor your cloud applications for errors and performance and apply any maintenance required.






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