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Out of the Box v Custom Built Software – Which is right for your business?

As businesses grow and scale the demands placed on their processing power also increases. Legacy software applications can quickly become outdated and slow moving as the business grows in size and scope. When trying to keep hard earned competitive edge it is critical that your business solutions keep pace, so that your staff are productive and efficient and customers well served. Using the right high performing software application is imperative to achieving these goals. So if your current software isn’t delivering on demands or isn’t far reaching enough to automate wieldy time consuming processes then it’s time to look at replacing it.

Once you’ve established the time is right the next stage is to look to the market and see what your options are. Many businesspeople will straight away look to an ‘out of the box’ or ‘off the shelf’ solution that they are already familiar with. Possibly an ERP or a CRM solution. These well-known branded solutions can likely handle your standard processes but beware that you may have unique processes that would benefit better from a custom-built solution. A solution that has the exact features and functions that you need makes more financial sense in the long run and will ensure staff are highly productive, the business runs smoothly and most importantly a custom software solution company will have the full 360 degree view of your business including security concerns.


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Custom Software Options

Custom built software solutions are designed with your specific business in mind. Your people and processes are central to the development of the solution. Custom solutions can provide a lot of flexibility and tailoring that out of the box solutions lack. A customised solution could encompass

  • Customisations to an out of the box solution
  • Integrations between solutions
  • Custom built apps, interfaces or add ons OR
  • An all-encompassing end to end customised solution built from the ground up

Custom Software Benefits

For many businesses a custom-built solution is the best option as it is created specific to your business needs. As such you have total control over how it is built. A good custom software solution provider will work closely with you and your key staff to establish the exact requirements that your business needs from a solution: What works for different staff members, different departments across the business and most importantly for your customers will all be considered carefully. They may even build integrations with other software solutions to ensure everything works seamlessly together. Below we discuss the main benefits from choosing a customised solution over an out of the box one.

Lower Running Costs

Initially it may seem that engaging a team of software developers to deliver a solution would be the most costly option but in the long run custom software is actually more affordable than you may think. This is mostly because you only spend on the features that you need. With an out of the box solution you are purchasing a standard set of processes and features – many of which may be of no use to your business. Also you are often paying per user fees which go up as  your users grow in number and high ongoing support costs.

With a custom solution yes you may have an initial outlay for development but over time the spend levels out and you are getting exactly what you need.

Total Ownership

Custom software is built for you and as such you own it.  You are not beholding to any third party although it is wise to consider a support contract with the custom software company as they will be experts in the solution. Since it is built for your business it will easily scale and grow with your business and won’t need to be replaced down the line.


One of the biggest benefits of a customised solution is the flexibility to make changes whenever you need to. When you need enhancements you can work with the custom software company to create add ons or interfaces. This level of flexibility allows you to simplify and enhance business processes to a much higher degree than with an out of the box solution. So from a lifecycle point of view you are guaranteed longevity with the investment in a customised solution.

Higher Productivity

As it has been designed specifically for your business, custom software can dramatically improve workflows, task completion times and customer service with increased accuracy and lower risk of human error.  It will enable better interaction and information sharing across times and other external business stakeholders creating a more efficient, high performing business. Read about Digital Transformation. 

Whether you choose to optimise an out of the box solution with tailored enhancements or build a customised solution from the ground up we are here to help. We have years of experience doing both for many different sized businesses across many industries. We are happy to work with you to ensure that you choose the most appropriate solution for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how to make the right decision!

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