Project Management

Project Management

The team at HCS Software has vast experience in creating and managing over 70 bespoke software solutions. Over the management of these projects we have become specialists in the waterfall and agile methodologies.

From our experience we find that the classic waterfall approach can be very elongated and can keep the client out of touch and so we have become an agile software house.

Project Management Process

Agile Diagram

Looking to develop new custom software or re-write something old?

Some of the Advantages of Agile

Enhanced Quality


Stakeholder engagement


Transparency of Project


Allows for Change


We work with you to design and gather the requirements of your bespoke application. With our expertise we then develop in small sprints of work your application gathering feedback at milestone points. This methodology is recurring until the application is complete and gives you the capability to see the application coming to life and provide feedback from the start.

Business Value


More effective change


Crucial features first Cycle


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