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The Benefits of Cloud Based Solutions in the Modern Workplace

Modern businesses can gain major advantages from Cloud computing, including allowing multiple users to look at data in real time and share projects seamlessly. Today more people than ever are based remotely and this trend is highly likely to remain a part of the modern workplace environment. Working as a synchronised team and secure access to critical information from anywhere is made significantly easier using Cloud software and SaaS applications (software as a service platforms.)

Moving systems, data and even desktops to the cloud is critical to ensuring your business stays current and competitive. Cloud solutions also lower IT costs as they can scale up and down with your business needs and you pay for what you use making it a much more cost-efficient model. Cloud also enables innovation as your business becomes more agile and able to respond to shifting customer needs quicker.

In short to ensure your business remains relevant and able to keep up with shifting customer and market demands you need to leverage the advantages that cloud based solutions deliver. In this article we will answer the question ‘Why Move to the Cloud’ and discuss the benefits of moving to the Cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

Traditionally users downloaded software from a physical computer or server in their building to run applications or software locally on their PC. With Cloud based solutions downloads are a thing of the past. Instead software and applications can be accessed online from anywhere and updates are seen in real time.

We often use cloud functionality in our everyday lives and may not even realise. For example when you update your status on Facebook or use your phone for online banking. The likelihood is many small businesses already count on cloud computing for managing accounts or sending emails or use various different apps. As businesses grow more cloud development is needed to manage the more complex processes and bring the right level of efficiency needed to run a productive, cost efficient business.

Below we discuss some of the key benefits of moving to the Cloud.

Cloud solutions are easily scaled up and down and therefore are particularly suited to businesses with fluctuating bandwidth demands. The flexibility Cloud solutions bring enables a business to increase or decrease server capacity as required with the click of a button. The agility to move fast and adapt to new challenges gives a competitive advantage.

Reduced IT Costs
Significant cost savings can be made with Cloud Solutions. The pay for what you use, subscription-based model and the removal of the requirement for expensive hardware reduces overall IT TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Disaster Recovery
Any type of Business, regardless of size, should be investing in robust disaster recovery. Cloud makes Disaster Recovery much more achievable especially for smaller businesses. With data and systems safely stored and backed up in the Cloud business continuity in the event of a cyber attack or natural disaster such as a fire is easily implemented. Your Cloud Provider will be able to help you specify the right Disaster Recovery strategy for your business.

Now more than ever real time collaboration is critical. With dispersed workforces the ability to easily access, edit and share documents and files in real time is essential to maintaining productivity levels.. With file sharing apps and cloud-based workflow solutions cloud makes collaboration easy. Updates are made in real time and files are securely stored and easily accessed.


Free up IT Resources

One of the biggest conveniences of the Cloud is there is no need for on prem servers which are timely and costly to maintain. With Cloud Solutions updates including critical security patches are automated freeing up IT Resources to focus on other important IT projects that can help grow the business.

Cloud Based Desktops

Along with moving systems, data and files to the cloud you can also implement virtual desktops for your users. Essentially this means their desktop is stored in the cloud and is exactly the same as what they would access if they were at their desk in the office. This delivers a seamless user experience no matter what device they use to log in from or from what location. They can simply pickup from where they left off. In a world where remote working is fast becoming the norm virtual desktops are helping businesses deliver the modern workplace environment and flexibility that users are coming to expect.


Cloud computing gives you vastly improved security as data is stored within the cloud in data centres that have strict security measures in place. Often people are unsure about moving data to the cloud for fear it won’t be secure but this is not the case. It is actual more secure in the Cloud than in on prem servers. If the servers are not carefully maintained with proper security in place they can be accessed by cyber criminals. Cloud IT Companies are experts in Cloud Security and will ensure your data is safe.

Access to Enterprise Class Technology

Transitioning to the cloud allows access to enterprise-class technology, for everybody. Cloud business applications and Pay-as-you-go services gives smaller businesses access to enterprise level tech which previously they would have been precluded from due to cost. Now they can access this kind of processing power enabling them to better compete with the bigger players.

What Next?

If you feel the time is right to move your business to the cloud contact a Cloud IT Company. They will be able to look at your business, your staff, your processes and workflow and design the best Cloud Solution for your business.

To talk to one of our cloud experts send us an email here and we will get back in touch with you.

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